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Protein diet

Calculated fiber diet for 14 days, as compared to other diets result appears rapidly : two weeks can lose at 3 - 8 kg. There are contraindications to the use of a protein diet. First, sit on the protein diet can be no more than 14 days and no more than twice a year, as the imbalance of income relevant trace elements in the body, which has a negative ...

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Food that burns fat.
  Hot pepper burn fat by speeding up metabolism in the human body. Regularly eating hot peppers can
afford only people who have a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  Garlic as well as hot pepper increases blood circulation, metabolism and uskolyaet therefore burns fat.
  Pineapple by keeping the plant enzyme bromelain accelerates the breakdown of food helps to fight cellulite.
  Should be consumed fresh pineapple on an empty stomach, as a separate dish.
  Coffee and strong tea without sugar can burn calories by speeding up your metabolism for a couple of percent. It is clear that for the active slimming
this is not enough.
  Celery stalks namely recommended to use for people with overweight to normalize metabolism.
  Grapefruit allows you to balance the level of insulin and glucose in the blood and causes the body to burn fat. encouraged to eat
half a grapefruit before each meal. It is important to eat grapefruit without clearing it from the white plenochek covering slices.
  So that is where we found the desired substance.
  Water increases the rate of burning calories and suppress hunger.
  Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed (Extra virgin olive oil). One tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach can partially
suppress hunger and control the amount of food eaten.